Protect Your Pool from the Elements with A Screen Enclosure

Have you ever invited a friend over to swim in your uncovered pool and when they got there realized you would need to first fish out all the bugs and leaves? Does the idea of walking out back and slipping right in to your pool without any prep work?

A screen enclosure is an outdoor living space that is constructed of aluminum posts and beams and covered in screen. Screen enclosures offers protection from mosquitos, lizards, frogs, alligators, snakes and other critters that are so much a part of our outdoors here in Florida. They can give you a bit of space in your back yard free of scampering and crawling little feet. These screen enclosures will also block landscaping debris, such as leaves, branches, dirt, and grass clippings. If you have had an unscreened patio, you know how much sweeping and cleaning is involved after our afternoon storms blow the yard's contents in to your outdoor living space.

As a pool owner you will find that a screen enclosure will decrease maintenance, lower chemical costs, and increase the life of your pool. When the screen pool enclosure protects the pool from debris, heat, and animals you will find your filters do not need to be cleaned out quite as much and your chemicals aren't needed to be replaced quite so quickly. So, unless you enjoy doing more work and paying more - a pool enclosure is the obvious solution to the problem that you didn't realize you had.

Some of the benefits received from a screen enclosure include but are not limited to:

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